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iPod for sale

November 2, 2005

Hey, my ipod is for sale officially…. $250 canadian

Life from the eyes of Jesse

November 1, 2005

This is from my friends blog… Crazy guy.. Only post of his



It seems every1 cept me has 1 of these things so i suppose i’ll wirte sumthin. I give u my outlook on life:
Ive noticed that for the majority of our youth is spent preparing for a future job. This envolves going to school where u r made to listen and respect people that constantly tell u wat to do and seem to care very little about how u feel about wat ur being told. When u arrive in high school, yay, u have some sort of mild freedom by having a choice in wat classes u take, the only catch is that u hav 2 take classes that reflect the job that u have chosen, if u have at all, in which case u r constantly told 2 make up ur mind. This gos on for a few years, then holy shit, u graduated, congratulations u win. Now ur off to college/university, where u will spend numerous more years learning and obeying for a future that u hope will come true, but if u believe in the magic of statistics u prolly wont.
Ok, ur prolly wondering wat the point of that huge rant was, u’ve prolly heard sumthing similar b4, now 4 my addition. All of that shit that u have spent the better part of ur life doing, all of the paying attention, the sore wrists from writing notes, all of the studying and countless hours of homework were all for NOTHING. What do u get when u come out of school, u get a huge fucking race with ur classmates for jobs, even if ur the lucky bastard that gets ur dream job, why r u doing it? For money? Money is nothing when u think about it, all it does is give u a place to live so u can go to work, entertainment to take stress away from ur working life, vacations away from work, food so that u can live and continue to work. Ur whole life was in preparation for a life of service, and where does it get u? Nowhere, u gain fuck-all for ur years of work, eventually u can retire, o wow…big fucking shit, u’ve wasted ur physical and prolly ur mental prime on education and work, now ur old as fuck and now u have an unlimited amount of time, but a limited supply of money and u can’t do anything cuz u have to take ur goddam oxygen canister and walker everywhere with u, have fun.
The bottom line is we have all been owned, not by the government, or by “the man” but by life, do u want to know what the purpose of life is? The purpose of life is to work, and to serve, to make “life” easier for the next generation of born losers that r gunna take ur place, perhaps the only worthwhile quest in ur life is having some sort of fun with ur friends or finding some1 to spend ur meaningless time of service with, but even that can cause hopelessness and stress in an already hopeless situation. This can all be made worse by each indevidual situation because everybody has their problems.

Working: Onion Cutting

November 1, 2005

Well, slow night at work. Not overly horrible but slow. I am about to cut onions but I know that my hands will smell like them for days. I need to figure out how to get rid of it. Any suggestions are appreciated. i work in a pizza place. Hmmmm


November 1, 2005

I want to know if there are any iPod readers in the crowd. Leave comments stating what type of iPod, how old, and battery life.

Update: I guess I should have said what mine was: 4G December 2004 and 5-7 hours

Computer Quest

November 1, 2005

I am in the process and have been in the process for six months of purchasing a computer. I am pretty set on a laptop because when I hit college I will buy a desktop to have power at home while having the laptop I buy now for tasks in class. I also am really fond of the iBook but I am not 100% sure yet. Dell also has some nice offerings but it always comes back to the Apple.

Glider Pilot

November 1, 2005

As you may or may not know, I am a glider pilot. I have about 6 hours dual time and 3 hours solo. Once I reach 10 hours I can bring cadets on familiarization flights. 15 allows me to fly from the backseat of a Schweizer 2-33A. Flying is great fun and everyone should try it. This summer I hope to get my private pilots license through a scholarship.


Mmm Cessna 182 (with Garmin Glass-Cockpit)